Transfer file from Windows to iOS

My bookkeeping function will be transfered from my PC (Win12) to iOS. Therefore I experted the file via the backup function. Manager is newly installed on an iMac but it can’t open this .manager file. It says: Invalid file format

Can anyone help me out?

Best regards, Jan

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The backup file is using .manager extension and is consistent across all platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Could you please illustrate with screenshots the method in which you obtained the backup?

Also, could you please illustrate with screenshots the import process including the error message?

Manager does not work on IOS (Ipad, Iphone) but on Mac OS X 10.14 or newer (Imac, macbook, etc).

If you meant Mac OS X 10.14 or newer then make sure you import the backup, see screenshots

You don’t say what version of Manager your backup was made from. If it was from before September 2020, you may need to update in two stages due to removal of a format conversion script from later updates.

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The question came from the person who took over my admin. As he just installed Manager it should be the latest version (just as on my PC). I’ll revert to him and many thanks in the meantime.

It is highly unlikely that both versions were the same - there are often multiple updates in the same day