Transactions on Tracking Exception Report?

I’m having hard time figuring out what the Tracking Exception Report shows.

I thought it would show transactions that have tracking codes, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can someone provide an explanation? Thanks.

the Tracking Exceptions Report is used to find the transactions you forgot to code.


Hmmm, but this only partially answers my dilemma.

If I use tracking codes only on certain transactions, then the tracking exception report shows all the other transactions that don’t have a code and that I don’t want them to have a code?

@sharpdrivetek am I right?

That is correct, @novica. What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish?

I was trying to get a report of transactions that only have tracking codes.

Basically I hoped that I can get the opposite of what Tracking exception report shows.

You could get that information by creating a P&L statement for the tracking code(s) in question. Then drill down on the account balances to get the transactions that make them up. Export the lists to a spreadsheet and combine or manipulate as desired. It would be a bunch of work, but you can access the information.

Yes I know I can get some information via the P/L statements. It just seemed logical that a tracking code report can be generated on its own.

Thanks for the clarification.