Transaction Payer tracking

I have been using bank and cash transactions to record sales since Sept.

I am wondering if there is any way to have Manager track the “Payer” as a customer. As far as I know, To track a “Customer” you need to add them, then use a sales invoice. My request is to track customer purchases through the Payer field for easy referencing when not using invoices.

To compare this idea to QB, when I used to use that, you created a sales receipt rather than an invoice. You could then look up the customer based on the sales receipt only. It is easier for my purposes to use sales transactions in the same way and would love to have this option.

Expanding on the receipt idea from QB, any chance we could get a button that we can tab-enter to for creating another transaction?

Another QoL request, save the date of the last entered transaction rather then auto filling to today’s date for those of us who input receipts on a non-daily basis. Also, when we tab into a field with drop-down options, could we get the down arrow or the scroll wheel or something to go through the drop list for easier selection and let the enter button select that option?

I did not find any previous posts about the first topic, and kinda just went into the rest from there, sorry if any of these have bee n discussed elsewhere. Thanks for working so hard to make a free accounting option. I have many more suggestions, but will see how this post is received first.

i am assuming you are following cash basis accounting.
so you can use the search function in bank or cash transactions to list only the customer you need.

this would affect those users who enter transactions on a daily basis. Manager is focused on providing a universal solution to meet the needs of majority.

you can search the forum regarding this. have been discussed many times.

No. But this suggestion is already on the Ideas list.

What exactly do you mean? How would the program know what type of transaction you wanted to enter next?

The tab-enter would only create another transaction of the type you are currently within.
So if you were entering a Purchase Invoice it would create another Purchase Invoice form.

However @Jeff_Kesling , Manager already has a similar feature but its not that obvious. If you click the arrow next to the word “Create”, you get a “Create & add another” option.

The date could be reset to default upon loading into Manager, or since it would be the last date used you would still only need to change the date a single time if you are entering multiple transactions for today (today would be the last entered date).

There are two options, one is to create a “Transactions” option that would allow the user to select bank or cash transactions and save the last used as the default with the option to select another. Or, probably easier to program, default to the same type of transaction that was just recorded.

The idea is you would not have to click on Bank or Cash on Hand, then (spend or receive, could work for both) select spend or receive. An example: I create a bank transaction, receive money, upon entering all the data I click some form of “Create another” and it opens a blank bank transaction receive money form.

I don’t remember if I had at some point noticed this, may still be worth having somewhere that we can tab-enter to for quick use.

If @Brucanna was correct about what you were suggesting, and it seems so, then I don’t see the point in another feature. You must always click Create when entering a transaction anyway. Clicking the arrow segment of the button is just as easy.

I just checked the feature, yes you can hit the arrow and select create new, again, this was a QoL request. The fastest way to enter info while doing large numbers of transactions is a keyboard shortcut. All items in Manager which require a mouse increase time spent.

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