Tracking a client

I need to be able to identify payments from a specific client over a period of a few months. I have tried creating a new customer with their name, creating a tracking code, giving it a ref etc but I must be doing something wrong when I enter the data. Attached is a typical entry. What am I doing wrong? (I have covered the customers name)

Customers tab is used in the context of accounts receivable. If you are issuing invoices in Manager, you can get ledger per customer. See more:

If you are not issuing invoices to customers, then don’t use Customers tab.

Payer field on receipts is simple text. It’s not an account for which you can get ledger. But you can get ledger for Membership Fees account which means if you view list of all transactions posted to this income account, you can search the list of transactions by specific payer.

Is income from all your customers always posted to Membership fees?

No the income could go into 5 different places depending on why it is paid to us.

No we don’t issue invoices as most of our income, as a charity, comes when people decide to make a donation. They do not owe us money but they choose to give to support the charity. However their gift can be designated, by them, to go to a specific part of the work we do. So for example some will be recorded as Building Fund. Others as Sponsorship of a Child, Others may be listed as General Donation. Etc

So then the best way to do it is to enter the name of donor to Payer field (as you already do) and if you need to see list of their donations, use search function when viewing list of bank transactions to get list of receipts for particular payer.