Adding dedicated Payee/Payer Tab and Reports

I don’t think I’ve seen any post regarding the payee/payer tab where we defined it within cash/bank transaction now known as payment and receipt transaction.

I would like to have the control and extending function toward payee/payer data

I would want the capability to have tab listing existing payee and payer with it’s ledger this is to allow to quick check the historical transaction with that similar name, If possible new Entry of Payee and Payer will have auto numbering for code to distinct two differences of similar name (allow easy to edit back as to reduce duplication of name difference in lower upper case sentence or symbol. The payee/payer tab allows to be edit the name and its code.

Usual in case like my client does drop shipping business, rarely use customer tab to record its sale (all are cash). I would like to have report for anything regarding transactions against the payee/payer able to printed out. I priorities sales report and inventory report for analysis.

Having custom field for that payee/payer tab helps if I want to tagging for example, customer from amazon or region, payment mode cash on delivery or by wire transfer.

This basic concept was one of the very first suggestions in the ideas category: Improvement to payment and receipt forms. The idea was not to create an unnecessary separate tab, but to link existing customers and suppliers to receipts and payments.

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The addition of it is the extended usage which yet to be included in your ideas @tut.