Transaction Flag

I looked in the guides and couldn’t find anything about this…

Is there a function in Manager that would allow me to “Flag” an account? I am running a promo discount campaign that affords a one-time-only discount. It would be useful to have a custom field for Invoice (probably a date) and then have Manager pop up a warning window for any future invoices if this field is true (doubtful since it would require SQL). This way, as I create a new invoice, if I try to use that field again, Manager would warn me that the one-time discount has already been used on a previous invoice. There are all kinds of reasons to flag an account and this would be a great feature for account management.

I presently have this as a custom field, but it is only visible as a column on the Invoice list. That doesn’t help me when creating a new invoice. Selecting customers on the invoice screen doesn’t offer custom column information in the drop-down box like when viewing the Invoice or Customer list. It only lists the Customer Code and Name (I already use Code for Customer ID since that feature has been removed). If there is no way to flag this info, I will change it to a field in Customer. Then I will refer to my Customer list every time I draw up a new invoice until the campaign expires. Tedious to say the least.

Right now, not possible.

This would require new module called Discounts where you could specify discounts upfront and set them up so they can be used only once per customer or something like that. This would provide context for the functionality you desire.

@InfoHunter, if you intend to continue this discussion, it will be important to use correct terminology. You are not asking to flag an account, but an individual line item or use of an option on a single transaction.

First, thank you Lubos. I didn’t think there would be a solution, but I had to ask.

Tut, I humbly apologize for using (and only knowing) my layman’s terminology. I’m afraid I can only use the language I know to describe my problem and request assistance in learning more about its solution.

I understand…say what you mean and mean what you say. :wink: