Show The Discount Account

In Manager we can to add the discount on sale invoice, and we get the net amount of it. I am just thinking about the Account of it should be shown on Chart of Account, and let us make a custom transaction that account. And one more, this account is should be shown too on report. Cause i had a problem to count it again by manual. Thanks

If you create an account called Discounts given, then you can use this account as a line item on your invoices. This way you can see total discounts given on your P&L.

I know about that @lubos, the feature i mean is. In Sales Invoice we can give discount of every product/inventory we have, but the invoice just give a nett amount after the discount. so where the amount of discount save? or just add the report movement of inventory that discount we give on every inventory have sale. Thanks

If I create an account named “Sales Discount”, there is no option to set that it has a normal debit balance. But the balance sheet accounts have this feature to set it.

Is there any solution?

The BS accounts only has that (Debit/Credit) selection in establishing the Starting Balances. Out side that it has no relevance as to how the BS account functions. As the P&L accounts don’t have Starting Balances its not applicable

So, how do I track how much discounts that been given in a month ?

If you are giving trade discounts using the account/transaction line discount field - you can’t track.
To track discounts, show on a separate account/transaction and use Discount account