Tracking purchases and backorders

I am looking to implement this software primarily as a purchasing tracking software with search. This is the flow chart I have created for my idea. Do you think that the software will provide what I need? I have already used it some and I like the search functions for Items and Purchase invoices but I havent found a means to track backorders or easily reorder.

Honestly, it doesn’t look like a flow chart to me. It’s probably better if you ask some specific question to see how far Manager can take you in terms of automating purchase process.

Also, back-order could mean different things to different people. In Manager, back-order means you sold an item to customer which you don’t have and needs to be ordered from supplier (or manufactured).

You are probably thinking of back-orders in the context of making sure suppliers sent you all items you have ordered. This is not currently supported but will be with upcoming “Warehousing” module.