Backlog v Purchaser order

We would like to be able to have a report that show us the Sales back log v purchase order from suppliers. Does this report exist?
One possible option that may work is to add under Purchase Order - Lines (edit columns) Delivery Status and Invoice status as an option. And do the same for Sales Order -Line.
Please advise

No. The concept of “sales backlog” means different things to different businesses. It could refer to unfulfilled sales orders with future deliver dates. It might mean backordered inventory items with insufficient quantities on hand to fulfill current sales orders.

Further, purchase orders in Manager are not linked to sales transactions of any type. They are only linked to purchase transactions.

You can already select an option to track quantity to receive.

Likewise, the option already exists to track quantity to deliver.

Invoice status is already tracked for both sales and purchase invoices. But the tracking refers to payment status in both cases. Tracking of inventory is handled with goods receipts and delivery notes. There are Guides about all of these issues.