Tracking codes for income and expense line items

Presently tracking codes are not showing in new purchase invoice and sales invoice from last few days. We are much facing problem to assigning a project due currently not showing tracking codes as per subject topic. “Manger io” address the issue as early as possible.

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What version and edition of Manager are you using?

When I click on New Sales Invoice I get this form

As soon as I select an account, the tracking code field appears as long as I select an income or expense account

This is in Desktop edition, version 21.5.47

We use “Cloud” version

What version of the Cloud edition are you using?

The grey numbers at the bottom of each screen

can you illustrate the problem using a copy of the screen

By using inventory code, tracking codes are not appearing when creating invoice from purchase order.
see below snapshots.

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Inventory on hand is a Balance Sheet account.

Tracking codes only apply to Income and Expense accounts.

So everything is working as designed

When you sell an item from inventory, you will be able to assign a tracking code.

Inventory is used for items that you purchase for sale to customers

Thanks for the guideness

Regarding cloud version, we understand that is the uptodate version which is going to automatically update.

You can restart your Cloud version, which will automatically start the latest version here Manager Cloud


Tracking codes are available when selling inventory as the sales invoice has entries that go to the P&L. It applies the tracking code to both the Inventory sales (income) account and the Inventory cost (expense) account.

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