Tracking Code Report

Hi All am i doing something wrong?

a) Setting >>> Tracking Code (open a code Mar’17)
b) generate a purchase invoice then select the code (Mar’17)
c) when i pay off (Spend Money) again select the code (Mar’17)
d) now i go to Reports >>> Profit N Loss Statement >>> range 01-Mar-2017 to 31-Mar-2017 then select the code (Mar’17)
e) in this report nothing is showing.

i was expecting when i have choose the code for both transaction it will show me the figure.

Firstly, you can only use Tracking Codes for P&L entries such as Purchase Invoices & Sales Invoices.
They are not applicable for Balance Sheet entries so for the Spend Money there is no need for tracking code.

Secondly, if you want the P&L Statement to just show Mar 17 transaction’s, then just use the date range as there is no need to set up a matching month tracking code as that’s just a duplication.

What if you edit the report and keep the dates but remove the tracking code, does it produce anything now.

If not, can you show the following screenshots:

  1. Edit mode of the Purchase Invoice.
  2. Edit mode for the report setup
  3. View mode of the created report.
    of the report’s edit screen - where dates and codes are setup


Screen Shots are attached

Attached is purchase amount for inventory (if I read those accounts correct). Inventory is not w/off in PL so you will not find it there.

Try to post it against, say Cost of Sales account - and you will see it in PL report.

EDIT: Can you post Balance Sheet report. I suspect you will have those 5k in Inventory on hand account.