Tracking Codes and Sales Invoice Items

I am setting up Manager for our glider club. We want to track main revenue (rental income) and expenses (maintenance) etc. by aircraft. I was planning to use Tracking code.

Works great on the expense side and if carefully entering aircraft as tracking codes on a sales invoice. However, since each aircraft has a different Selling Price (for rental) I actually have different Sales Invoice Items set up for billing rental of each aircraft reflecting the different prices of each.

Since the user is already picking the aircraft by virtue of the sales Invoice Item, it seems duplication to then select it again as a Tracking code.

Any though to the option of putting a (default) tracking code field on the Sales Invoice Item definition screen and then having that tracking code default on any sales order line where that Sales Invoice Item is used?

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I’ve added this feature to the latest version (15.0.24)

Wow thank you.

Hi Lubos

How would this work in process flow when creating the invoice or expense? I’m trying to test this but can’t get to how this would work or how to enable this? With normal you create the Tracking code and select it on the line item. How do you bind it to item like @alasdair to each glider?

We have four aircraft. Each rents at a different rate. So I have 4 Sales items set up, one for each with the different prices. When I use the sales item for a given aircraft on an invoice line the tracking code on the line now defaults to that on the sales item. Working great for me. All items point to the same single revenue account “aircraft rental” but that account is now effectively broken down by aircraft using the tracking code without the user having to key both the sales item “2-33 rental” and the tracking code “2-33”. They just select the item and get both.

On the expense side when we get bills for annual inspections, 100hr inspections, repairs etc. we manually enter the same tracking codes on the purchase invoice lines to reflect which aircraft the expenses relate to. Now we have a P&L by aircraft!

To “bind” them look at the set-up of the sales item. There is a new field on the sales item definition to specify the tracking code. It’s not really bound, it’s just what will default to the invoice line when you use that item, but you can change on the invoice line if needed.

Hope that helps and again many thanks to Lubos. Does he ever take a day off? :wink:

It does. Thanks.

I want to add it to the videos. This is great feature allot of users was asking for.
Thanks for the explanation @alasdair.