Tracking Codes for whole invoice instead of rows

Would it be possible to have tracking code for a whole sales or purchase invoice in addition to having it by row on each invoice. I make invoices per department so it helps on avoiding confusion or mistakes of inputting a row on the wrong code.

you could use custom fields with a drop-down list of departments depending on what reporting you would need.

The ability to designate tracking codes for individual line items must be present. A global designation seems just as likely to be subject to error as individual line items, if not for you, then for others.

I support this idea actually.
To have the option to apply a tracking code to all lines of an invoice would be very helpful!
Then once applied, the user can easily change individual lines that should have another tracking code…

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yes, it’s a good idea

@lubos, would you be so kind to look into this for us? … to have an option to select the tracking code for the whole invoice and once set, then we can edit manually each line if needed…