Cannot see Expenses in P&L with Tracking code

I cannot see the Expenses in the Profit and Loss Statement Report for my tracking codes. I can see the Income Inventory - sales of 300,000 but I cant see the Expenses or the purchases that I made worth 78,000. I have added the tracking codes to every line item in the sales invoice and purchase invoice. I added them to every bank transaction against those invoices. But I still cant see the Expenses in the P&L Statement.

Whats going on?

SOLVED. Okay, I realized it does not track income and expenses for different items.

You need to post some screenshots so that a meaningful answer can be given.

There are many reasons why you can’t see expenses in the P&L so it is not possible to help unless more information is supplied.

I realized it was my mistake. I did not know that I cannot put tracking codes on sales and purchases on different products.