Totals under "Sales quotes" tab

After the table of sales quotes, there should be a total amount

Added to the latest version (16.3.54)

What if a quote was rejected or you made several different quotes for the same customer that accepted only one.
Would that not make the total amount, for a better word, wrong?

Lubos, If you could add a check box to the quote screen that can be selected to show if the quote as accepted or rejected and the total only shows the ones that are marked accepted.
Maybe adding a column after the quote’s amount showing (in colour) Accepted or Rejected and maybe Pending for quotes that have not been marked?

@CSPRyde You can create a custom field to show as column on sales quote tab to show the quote status, then, if you were to enter the quote status (e.g. Converted) into the search field, that will give you a list of all Converted Quotes with the total at the bottom.

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Thanks Ian.