Sales and purchases lifetime totals per client or vendor

Is there a way to check how much business I have given to a particular supplier? Or how much business I have done with a particular client? I would like to see a total sum at the end which helps me assess the business I am doing with a particular Client or Supplier.

Or a second note - it will be awesome if I can check how much of a certain item I have purchased - for example if its a Lenovo Laptop, searching Purchase invoices with the key word Lenovo - is it possible to get a total sum of Lenovo ordering I have done?

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Check the latest version (15.0.82). I’ve added totals to Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices tabs.

If you search on these tabs for keyword (name of client, vendor, description etc.) you will get totals for that particular subset of invoices.

Excellent. Thanks :smile: