As in the older version, I want to display … difference of debits and credits for any given account.
I wants a total of the individual debits and credits for each account separately (similar to what we have in Tax Transactions report).

In Older version (Before CORONA Pandemic) Manager was displaying that. but then gone.
Can team manager will again implement it? It would be a great help if you implement it. (Because it’s Easy to telly the numbers of each account.

Check Attached screenshot for the reference

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Just generate a General Ledger Transactions report under the reporting tab for the period you want to report on.

Can Team Manager Provide any solution to this?

Currently “TOTAL” of each account is not displayed under “GENERAL LEDGER TRANSACTION REPORT” this is available before 2-3 years. but not now.

So I am requesting this feature again in the manager.

@AaiRIz, the totals of debits and credits you want are available in the General Ledger Summary report, in much briefer format. The General Ledger Transactions report displays transactions and running balances after each transaction. You might have to scroll through pages of transactions to find the totals for an account.

Total is not displayed in any account and the gross total is also not displayed in “General Ledger Transactions report”

The attached Image on my 1st message is from the older version. But the total is not displayed in the current version So I want it back.

and yes general Ledger summary has the details in short.
But As per my thinking… General Ledger Transactions report must have the total of each account. So we have the complete Idea by seeing that report. In the current report, we need to check its total in summary So we required 2 reports to check one single thing.

Just take an example of TAX Summary and TAX Transaction report.
TAX Summary has the details in short. and TAX transaction report has the written everything in detail of each tax code with its total. and with the gross total also. So if we do not have the TAX Summary report on hand we know all the details.

But we are not able to use the General Ledger Transactions report alone to check all the things because it does not contain the total of the individual accounts and even not the final total.

Hope I am able to explain my point.
If you want then I will even explain with the photos for your better understanding.