Total for Inter Account Transfers

Why there is no total for Inter Account Transfer similar to Receipts & Payments total showed in below photo:

Two reasons:

  1. There is no net inflow or outflow for this tab.
  2. Inter account transfers can be of mixed currencies. The transfers are listed according to the amount and currency of the source account. Adding them in mixed-currency transfers would be meaningless.

Thanks for quick response.
Receipts & Payments show total for each currency separately.

I think you did not fully understand my points. Suppose you transfer 100 USD from a USD account to an AUD account. The AUD account would receive approximately 145 AUD. The tab would list the transfer as 100 USD, the amount from the source.

Now you transfer 100 AUD from the AUD account to a EUR account, which receives about 61 EUR. The second transfer is listed as 100 AUD.

What would be the use of having totals at the bottom showing 100 USD and 100 AUD? Neglecting any conversion fees, you still have the same amount of money, and neither the USD nor AUD transfer totals would be related to the balance of any of the three accounts. Nor would the 200 sum have any significance. Displaying numbers suggests they mean something.