Inter Account Transfers between bank accounts of different currencies

I used the Inter Account Transfers function to recorded transfer of cash from one bank account to another one with different foreign currency transaction. It now only show one currency, instead of showing 2 different currencies in previous manager version. Therefore this inter account transfer is incorrectly created as the 2 amounts belong to different currency so the figures shall not be the same. Can this be resolved? Thanks.

this behavior is already explained in the guide

I tried but failed. I amend the amount in “Received in”, and the amount in “Paid from” automatically changed to the amount typed in “Received in” and vice versa. There is no way for the 2 amounts in “Received in” and “Paid from” to be entered as 2 different figures.

then please make sure your Bank Accounts have been set to the correct currency.

I figure out the reason now. I previously had not set the code in the basic currency and foreign currencies. After setting the codes, it works and can be typed by different amounts in the “Received in” and “Paid from”.