Total Amount in Words in Foreign Languages

Hi, I am using Manager in Turkish to print invoices. In Turkey, it is mandatory by law to have the total amount in words on the invoice, yet Manager only provides this in English. Is there a possibility for an addition of total amounts in Turkish?

please provide link to official documentation where it states this requirement.

this is probably due to incomplete translation of Manager to Turkish which is currently at 94%. you can join the translation team and help with the improvement.


I think the amount in words is limited to english only - this is from the guideCreate sales invoices

The Total amount in words can be shown near the bottom of the invoice. (This feature is only available if the language preference is set to English.)

The software function only returns amounts in English. This is determined by the templating language, not the program. The amounts returned cannot be translated by the program because they cannot be predicted. (Translation functions as a lookup table, translating known terminology.) If you want this, you can add it as a custom field and enter the amount manually.

This seems to be a common problem for many users, I understand the technical difficulties in making proper translation for number of different languages; However, there might be a good compromise here:

Since English is the international business of language, then giving amount in words in english should be a good compromise, but currently this is not available. Whether this should be available is to be determined by @lubos.

this is already available by default.
all you need to do is check the tick-box for image in your sales invoice.
there is no need of any custom theme.

Yes but this is only true when you are using English, when you switch languages the amount in words disappears. And so does the total in words done using the code.