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Want a personel chart with administrator, pls guide me

Please don’t double post. And do not divert topics with unrelated posts. Your post has been moved to its own topic.

If you are asking for a personal chat with an administrator, that is not possible. All Manager support comes via this forum.

Thanks Tut.

I am actually new and require directions on how to use the forum and manager from Nigeria.

I do not want to post questions that may look stupid.

Can you put me through to one who will be my mentor and tutor on how to implement and use manager.

I want to use it for a filling station operations.


  1. You are using the forum as intended. It doesn’t matter where you are.

  2. There are three editions of Manager: desktop, server, and cloud. Read about them on the web site. Each version has a tab at the top of the home page. All are identical, except the desktop edition does not allow multiple users.

  3. Don’t worry about stupid questions. Just be thorough so people can answer them. Illustrate with screen shots whenever possible.

  4. The forum is your mentor, thousands of users. Read the FAQ.

  5. There is no customer service organization, just the forum, which you have found. The Guides will be your tutor. You should also subscribe to the newsletter, which you sign up for on the home page.

  6. You can use Manager for just about any type of business you want. You should consult with local accounting, business, and legal people to make sure you have set your business up correctly, have the correct tax registrations, and so forth.

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