To have field editable and save option as appear in the header itself

Think of a transactions with 3 or more custom fields on the header, and 50 or more lines.
the current steps to do an edit in the field of the header.

  1. click on edit
    2 ) scroll through 50 line items, (some times 2 or more pages of items possible too)
    3 ) edit/update the custom fields - as the system places the custom fields on the bottom of the form.
    4 ) save.
    instead, may i suggest the system allows an edit on the very first step.
    (only 1 step) edit and save.

i meant this as below : ( it can be for custom field or any system default field too)

This would be a major change to the program. The lists you see when you open a tab are extracted from transaction forms. They are not active, editable forms where data can be entered.

No no, I don’t either suggest a edit on the transaction or detail table. I suggest a edit on the header “independent” custom field. Eg. As on the sales order screen shot I posted not on the sales-order-lines.

Thanks @tut

The suggestion is no different whether you want to edit a line item or a custom field in a transaction. A custom field is an editable field on a transaction form, the same way an item, quantity, or unit price is an editable field. Tab listings are extracted from the fields on those forms. As I said before, the listings are not active and cannot be edited.

I understand what you are suggesting. I am telling you that your suggesting would be a major change in the way the program works.

Sorry, you had got me wrong. But I’m sure you know the master and detail tables relation. Let us not touch the detail table or the lines at all.

I’m talking about the custom field in the SalesOrder not on the SalesOrder-Line. So instead of open the form, scroll through down to enter a field on the sales-order master. The convenient and is allow the edit and save option that are displayed without opening the form. Here the calculated field like “amount” which is summary of the lines are not expected to be edited.

Well it can be added to “ideas” to the notice of developer.

You are not understanding me. There is no “sales-order master.” So there is nothing that can be edited as you describe, because there is nothing stored. There is only a list made up from individual transactions. That list is recreated every time you open the screen. It is not saved anywhere, so your Save button would be useless.

The fact that some of your custom fields show as columns does not matter. They do not exist in a master sales order of any kind. They are stored in the individual transaction forms. The list is created from those transactions. So, to change the list, you must first change the underlying form.