Using Billable Time


This module is the backbone of my business. I sell my services to various clients, often on a regular basis.

For me, a template function would be a major advance, so that I can duplicate previous sessions into the future more easily.

Pease consider adding my wish to your wish/ to do list.



So do you need Copy button to be able to copy previous billable time entries into new ones?


That would be super. Would then simply have to edit the date and save. Would save me a load of time. A calendar event repeat would be icing on the cake!


For me, that would be super as well. Copying of cloning billable time entries would be a much appreciated feature.


I have been considering how a billable time iOS or Android App could export data to Manager. Is there already an ability to import billable time entries? Would that be a difficult feature to add? I would be very happy to contribute a billable time app that could export data in your required format since this is a precious feature of Manager to me (I’m also a time-based consulting service provider).


May I re-ask this question? I am quite willing to contribute a billable time app if there is a way to import the data into Manager.