This Site can't be reached

Hi, the has not responding. what to do it…!

The site is not loading.

Why are typing

Can you help me with…

What do you need help with?

Our software is cloud edition, the site is not loading…

Not a problem for me, so the problem must be with your internet connection or provider. I suggest you contact your administrator or network support

Seems like you are not the only one but it does look like ISP issue since the service is up at our end. You could try to contact your ISP why you can’t access your site if it’s possible to access it by internet users on other internet connections.

@sree - if you are able to set up a mobile hotspot from your phone, try connecting your computer to the hotspot and then access using that connection.

It will work as a temporary workaround until your internet service provider (ISP) can fix the routing issue between you and the Manager servers.

I see allot of this sort of thing in Europe and particularly the UK.
Basically, it is typically caused by outright censorship and blocking by the ISP’s usually in the name of “safety and security”, and them making a lousy job of it.
To add insult to injury, the ISP’s are also in the habit of periodically re-setting a customer’s/user’s previously made settings and preferences without any notice or reference, making it important to make regular reviews of one’s settings and preferences.
About the best thing you can do is never ever use a network appliance supplied by any ISP, and never ever use any ISP’s DNS servers. If you can get away with it, turn-off IPV6 too.
Personally my preference is to use OpenDNS at both router and and device level, but many people I know are very happy using Cloudflare ( and/or Google ( for their resolvers, mainly because the addresses are so easy to remember when needed.