This invoice is printed electronically, so no signature is required

How do I get rid of writing on this sales invoice?
Uncheck the Second Option

I already unchecked it still appears, is there another solution?

I don’t use all the custom field features, but the sentence still appears

Please show the FULL edit screen of the Sales Invoice

This is a sales invoice. there is a qrcode and description below. i want to remove it.

Please show the FULL EDIT screen of the Sales Invoice

what country do have selected in Setting

To be clear, @yhoga, you should leave your existing country selection in place. If the QR code and notice, which you did not fully disclose in your initial post, are provided by a localization, that should indicate that they are required by law or regulation. lf they are not required, they should not be included in the localization. But that would need to be corrected in the localization, not by individual action of a user.

thanks this is very helpful