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Detail Bussines - Country : Indonesia

Sales Invoice should hide remark “(Invoice ini dicetak secara elektronik, sehingga tidak membutuhkan tanda tangan”) when we use Custom Theme.

or is there a setting to hide the remark?


Welcome to the forum @Mabaega,

you can upload your images directly to your post and so I have edited your post accordingly.

Anyway, it all depends on how you got this remark, is it a custom field? Is it a footer? Is it hardcoded into your theme?

Please provide more details

Select Country Indonesia in Business Detail, Sales Invoice will show Qrcode dan Remark, then try to use custom theme, Qrcode gone, but remark still there.

You need to determine whether the remark is a custom field installed by your localization. Then determine what your custom theme does with custom fields.

Its not custom Field, i have try remove code for showing custom field (from theme default code), remark still there.

Here’s a picture, how this problem arose

@Mabaega, you have not shown whether there is a custom field. Nor have you shared the code for your custom theme. No help is possible without information. Your statements without evidence do not help, because you admit you do not know what is happening.

Also, please do not include animated illustrations. They go by too quickly for examination. Just provide what is requested in the form of Edit screens.

Sorry, I’m using animation, because I can’t explain this well in English. :slight_smile:

Step to see what I mean.

  • Create a new company, select the country Indonesia
  • Create a new custom theme, leave the default code, just name it and save it.
  • Create a new sales Invoice, select the custom theme, save and view

We’ll look at Remark, which shouldn’t be there.

I hope you understand what I mean.
Thank you…

Your posts were already clear. What is still missing is the information I requested.

My question is how to remove the remark.
because I don’t want this remark to appear when I use a custom theme.

Please don’t tell us again what you want. The answer depends on the source of the remark, which can be revealed by what I asked you to provide.

You could just post several screenshots below each other. Also note that custom themes are designated as obsolete, which means that they are no longer in use and at some point completely disappear. They are there for people with existing businesses that still depend on some features that are not possible without them until the developer responds to the need of these features as promised more than a year ago.

The issue is that you will loose functionality such as Footers when using custom themes.

Your question relates to a Custom Theme because you enabled it and selected “custom”. @Tut asked you clearly several times to show a Custom theme EDIT screen which shows the Code used in that theme which can explain what you see.

I have already said that I used the default code when we created the theme, without changing it.

Actually, there are still many solutions that I can take for this problem, such as eliminating the county in the business details. but I’m afraid it will cause other problems if I don’t use the country option.

I’m also sorry, if my question is very annoying, I’m just looking for an accounting application that suits what I need. I hope this application can be my choice.

Thank You.

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The default code displays custom fields. If you would have shown this when first asked, your problem could have been solved already. Since you apparently refuse for some reason, no one can help. I will not respond further.

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Just go to Business Details and don’t choose Indonesia for your localization. Just use the default or automatic. It’ll solve the problem.

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Yes, I already know this, but I’m worried it will affect other functions.

This should be categorized as a bug, because this remark should always appear/disappear along with the QRcode.

No, it should not, because it is related to your custom theme. You are responsible for performance of your custom themes. The program developer cannot anticipate what you might create or what mistakes you might make.

For the last time, let’s look at this,

I’m not sure the remark is from a custom theme, I also don’t have any custom field.

btw… You can close this thread.

The theme you show would not produce the invoice you posted originally. It probably would not produce anything.

You also clearly have custom fields for all those signatures.

Finally, the Edit screen you show for a sales invoice is not related to anything else you have shown. I give up.


I am Indonesian my self. So I encounter the same problem before. I asked lubos before, it’s from the localization of the extension feature. It’s obsolate feature now but I don’t know why it’s still there. It’s not a bug. So, for now I don’t choose any country in the Business Detail. And the functions work the same. The only different thing is just, if we choose Indonesia as the country in Business Detail, we can’t deactivate the extension feature. But, if we don’t choose any country we will not have any localization for the app, and we can access the extension feature.

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@Mabaega & @anatawiranata,

Is this remark required by any law in Indonesia? If not, then it should be removed.