Suggestion to revert to default theme when custom theme is deleted

Probably due to an erased theme the invoice i try to open is not showed.

I guess normally it would show the default theme but when i press edit is shows #### in the drop-down field which i did not enter. After erasing the #### it shows the default theme.


I guess there is a little bug that places the #### in the theme drop-down menu.

I would not judge this to be a bug. The program behaves consistently and as designed. You specified a custom theme to be used. You then deleted that theme. But you did not specify any other theme. In the absence of any valid theme selection, Manager displays ####.

According to your post, you expected the program to revert to the default theme instead. That probably would be less confusing. I will put this suggestion into the Ideas category.

Maybe it’s not a bug but the result is that i manually have to chance the theme of every invoice. It shure feels like a bug :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this in the ideas category.

Not sure when this got resolved but I can no longer reproduce this issue. When custom theme is deleted, Manager will fallback on default plain theme automatically.

Here Themes & Form Defaults conflict if Theme usage is terminated