Theme setting


I want to make my own design for sales invoice.I tried the theme which are available on site.Now i want to change some fields & add some other then things.So from where i can get the list of all objects used in program ?
like,{{business.logo}} or {{recipient.address}} etc.

There is no list. All available variables are used in the default theme, which is the top left theme on the Themes web page. Look at the code and the theme image and, if you have appropriate skills, you should be able to easily see what each variable includes.

I can’t understand the terms which are written in {{}} , from where it comes ??


Start reading the Guides. Build a test company and make sample entries. Different transaction forms use the variables differently, but it is straightforward when you look at examples.

This is not meant as a coding forum. There are plenty of those. This forum is about how to use the program for accounting. The program intends to provide the ability for modest customization. But I recommend saving your design energy for marketing efforts. Remember, once you are to the point of issuing a sales invoice, you have already convinced the customer to buy.