Theme request

Dear SIr,

Good day…
Thank you so much for providing us such an amazing software with fully customized solution. I am here with a special request…Is it possible to make a theme as i attached? It will be a good help to our start up company if you can at least send me the code very personally.

Thanks in advance


The developer does not provide custom development. You will need to hire a local programmer, using the variables already present in the built-in themes.

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Why not provide a full list with the variables used in Manager so I do not need to guess what the variable name will be!

Like in the build-in theme:

[code]{% for field in fields %}

{{ field.label }}
{{ field.text }}
{% endfor %}[/code]

What will be the variable for the date in “Invoice date” ?

Without these info it is worthless: you cannot program yourself and thus make a theme suitable for your use.

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