Attachments - Request

I would like to request for the “Attachment” button to also be available when viewing “Bank Reconciliation Statement”. (I would like to attached a scanned copy of the statement delivered by the bank here.)

I assume this should be fairly easy/straight forward to do.

As a slightly “longer term” request, I would also propose that a “View” option would be implemented for “Customers” and “Suppliers” (presently these only have the “Edit” option). When/If “View” is implemented, I would like to see the “Attachment” button also for these…

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For the time being, you can enable Folders tab which will allow you to create virtual folders within your business and attach files to them.

Yep, I’m aware of this option and I’m presently keeping some of the above there. This was OK when I was using the desktop version. Since then I have been upgrading to "Cloud’ and added other (restricted) users to view the accounts. As they are not frequently on Manager they tend to forget where to find information that is not attached “at its logical location” …

This is certainly not a critical issue, I’m just hoping that this could be part of future upgrade plans.

Just want to follow up on the above to check if there are any plans to implement the “View” option also for “Customers” and “Suppliers”…?

I truly believe this would be very useful for many users, especially if the “Attachment” button was to be incorporated as part of the “View” form.

I think the main challenge is to figure out what to put on “View” screen of customer or supplier. I don’t want to force things.

I’d rather add ability to create notes for customers, suppliers, employees with ability to attach document to a dated note.


I’m sure you see the bigger picture which I don’t realise. My thought was
purely that the “View” screen would present the information entered under
"Edit" in a nice (and printable) way, including and customer defined “Custom
Field” information.

Then just having the option to “Attach” additional documents related to this
specific “Customer” / “Supplier”.

I just want to make sure View button has deeper purpose than just dumping place for attachments.

But I think there is one purpose which could justify View button on customers, suppliers, employees, inventory items etc. so I’ll most likely add this.

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