View for Customers/Suppliers

why is it not possible to add a View button for Customers and Suppliers?
i understand that the same is not available for Inventory Items too but there is almost no practical use for it as all the necessary details are visible as a column.

it is necessary for a business to view the details of their Customers and Suppliers. (just to check their address, maybe the name of the contact person, the contact number, the business identifier, etc.)

at present this is only possible by using the Edit button, which may cause mistakes depending on who is accessing the details. the person may accidentally type-in or delete some content and update the same unknowingly.

If a View button is available, the business can even print the details to an Envelope or anything for sending a courier or so. the possibilities are many.

please enlighten me if there is any technical difficulty to have this or if i am missing any possible reasons for not making this available for users intentionally.


If there are multiple users, this should be addressed through permissions.

Why would you want credit limits, email addresses, currency denominations, etc. on an envelope? Or anywhere else?

that is true. but even a single user on the desktop edition can make such mistakes unknowingly. human error.

i did not say i want all these on an envelope. i just said the possibilities are many. so if Manager is improved with the idea of printing the address to an envelope or so, the development can be done accordingly.
also, a user may want to file the records of every customer or supplier in physical form. such a user can print the whole details including those you mentioned.

Sorry for pulling up an old topic, but I had a similar need.

In our business, our suppliers are independent truck drivers not associated with any transport service. These drivers travel cross border and to various countries. Most of these drivers are also uneducated and care very little for the validity of their documents. For us, these are important as once the goods a loaded, if an expired document is detected at the border, the whole load could be delayed, may expire or returned.

In manager, we have created custom fields and have captured their national id number, expiry, vehicle number, vehicle year model, expiry date, license number and expiry, etc. Once these information are captured, we maintain a file for each of them where in we keep physical copies of all mentioned documents.

It must also be mentioned here that from our staff that hires these drivers have very basic literacy level and can therefore just about read and write and are not tech savvy. They therefore pick up the files manually verify the validity of documents manually before placing an order.

From my side, I could sort by a column, check validity and get the update documents that can be inserted into these files.

If I could get a view for these supplier details in a printable form, I could use it as a cover sheet for their file. Our staff could just look at this summary sheet instead of checking each document manually.

Would really be helpful and appreciated.

add them as ur employee then. use cumtom field in delivery form n add the expenses as transport charges.

@Paparazzi, it seems that you are looking to your accounting program to perform a supply chain management function. Manager is not well suited for this task, because none of the information you are storing has anything to do with accounting activities or transactions. This does not make for a comfortable fit.

I can envision a spreadsheet based system where all the data is entered for all your drivers. Conditional formatting could be implemented to give color-coded status checks showing soon-to-expire and expired documentation. You would have the ability to search and sort based on parameters of a potential job to find a driver with the right licenses, validities, etc. Then, there would be no need for your staff to pick up a file and read the cover sheet. You could distribute a copy of the list that your staff could check, reducing the potential for loss of documents in a file. When the list changes, distribute a new copy.

I do so agree @Tut!

The problem is that after I introduced our guys to Manager, they have take such a fancy to it that they are redesigning all reports to look like the Manager reports, our company owner (we are a startup with just 10 staff) has asked our software developer (external) to have the software have the same look and feel of the Manager! He now swears by this find that he just says that Manager can do it all! When I tried to make him understand that Manager is an accounting software, he told me to check out on the forum if its possible and hence my request.

I’ll talk to him again. Thank you :slight_smile:

Now I understand your point more clearly and agree. If you can “create” an Invoice (Purchase or Sales) and see it in either Edit or View mode, why when you “create” a Supplier / Customer, why can’t you also see it in an Edit or View mode.

Especially now as the content can be more sophisticated with Custom Fields etc.

I will go to your original topic, which pre dates the Idea’s category and add it to the already bloated Ideas.

Added to the latest version (21.1.36). It’s very basic at the moment but it does allow cloning, printing and ability to attach documents.


This is great, thanks Lubos. I also much appreciate the ability to click the invoices/accounts links now for inactive customers/suppliers.

Thank you. I have customers and suppliers in multiple currencies, so the ability to clone them is very useful. It’s also great to be able to attach documents like tax clearance certificates to suppliers.