Hi Guys ,

I currently use TC4 but am in the process of migrating accounting information to Manager.IO.

Is it possible to migrate accounting information to Manager without using TC4’s clunky reporting data?
TC4 uses xml backup files and i dont see any support for xml in Manager.
I understand that there will be a mapping issue but i would like to get the information into Manager and deal with mapping in phase 2.

Many Thanks

Please do not send personal messages with general questions like this. I have moved your post to the public forum.

I have no idea what TC4 is. In general, however, you cannot migrate data from one accounting system to another without custom software. The expense of that is seldom justifiable. Even different programs by the same developer are often not compatible. Manager’s approach to migration from other accounting systems is to set starting balances matching ending balances from your old system. See

If you want to migrate customer or supplier information, inventory information, and so on, batch operations can be useful. But that is not for the faint of heart. See You will likely get involved with a great deal of data manipulation in spreadsheets along the way. Forget about the idea of whatever you mean by “mapping” as a phase 2. You will either be able to massage your data into a form acceptable by Manager or not. You will not be able to enter it and map anything later.

Thanks, appreciate the response.

It can be done. How much is actually done depends on the value a business places on having historical data in their new accounting system. How hard it is to do depends on what data is available on the old system and what you actually need to transfer across.

In your case you would need to convert xml to comma separated value (csv) format. If relations are to be restored, you may also need to use external data base tools

This may help