Tax Transactions showing sales including tax

In the report tax Transactions the header shows Tax on Sales.
The column Total Sales shows the sales-figure including tax.

I would expect the nett sales/purchase figure, so without tax in the column Total Sales given the header Tax on Sales for the next column.
Also, these sales/purchase figures could then be compared with the sales/purchase figures in the PL.

You could export the report to Excel and add a column with the Net Sales and Purchases

I think that Tax Transactions report must have the same columns of Tax Summary report and also must come up with the same results.

At this time, due to the fact that reverse charge is reflected only in Tax Summary report, Tax Transactions report don’t pass the “exam” of our chartered accountant and of our legal auditor.

Tax reports are designed to support Tax reporting, they are not financial reports.
For example, the Australian worksheet requires 0000000 Bug 1 .
The Tax Transaction Report’s headings and figures support this worksheet requirement.

Furthermore, tax reporting Sales and Purchases aren’t necessarily P&L Sales & Purchases.
For example, the buying of Inventory is a tax reporting Purchase, but not a P&L purchase as it’s posted to the BS.

I agree, it does seem strange that a “Summary” report contains more information then the “Transaction” report which it is summarising.

Ok, I understand. Never thought of the reason you mentioned.

You are right, I saw it all from the wrong perspective. I’ll be back to my den. (I hope I am using the right saying :blush:).