Tax Summary report bug - Duplicate VAT

In the Tax Summary report the Net Sales amount shown includes VAT, then adds VAT again to the Total Sales amount, so VAT is included twice.

Edit: I generated the report again and this time the values are correct. Not sure why I got different values before.

Out of curiosity, did you update software between the two versions? I ask because there were some problems with reports related to dates. But there have not been reports of the problem you show. The date issue affected only Mac users. What operating system do you use?

Also, is there any chance you edited any sales invoices between the two reports, changing from tax-inclusive to tax-exclusive?

No changes were made between the two reports, and also no updating of the software. I did open the sales invoices (to check the values and to make sure VAT was not included) and then saved them without changes. I am using a Mac.

Very strange. In the first report, tax has clearly been calculated as 18% of your true net sales, not the erroneous net sales of 23,384.90. Had the program calculated tax-exclusive VAT on net sales of 23,384.90, VAT would have been 4,209.28. Had the program mistakenly calculated tax-inclusive VAT on total sales of 26,952.09, net sales would have been reported as 22,840.75. And tax collected would have been 4,111.34. So none of the numbers in the first report match up under any scenario.

The second report looks like what you should see for tax-exclusive line items with net sales of 19,817.71. It seems that by opening the invoices and “saving” them (by which I assume you mean clicking Update), you may have forced the program to rewrite the database entries correctly. Or, there was an error in calculation during generation of the first report. (Reports are not actually saved in Manager. Only their defining parameters are saved. The reports are actually generated from scratch every time you view them.)

If you actually opened every sales invoice and updated it (even without changing anything), I think the first explanation is probably correct. If you only checked some of the sales invoices, you would not have forced overwriting of every one, so the totals would not be correct in the second report. In that case, I think the second explanation is most likely to be correct.

Yes, you are correct. I believe I only only opened one of the invoices, so the second explanation would be correct.

Does this mean we cannot blindly send any report to a customer or supplier or CA without manually verifying everything?