Tax Payable Question

Total Sale is AED. 13,125.00 without any purchase s the payable tax should be 5% of the Total Sales Amount
It should be AED. 656.25 ( 13,125.00 x 5 /100 = 656.25) . But the system shows AED. 625.00 only it is totally wrong attached screenshots for reference also total sales invoice details too.

How to fix this issue. we are in UAE 5% vat is applicable on purchase and sales.

Total Difference on the Tax payable amount is AED. 656.25 - 625.00 = 31.25.00

I cannot tell definitely what you have done, because you do not show the Edit screen for any sales invoice. But your written example numbers suggest you are marking your sales invoices as tax-inclusive. So VAT is backed out of the total, not added to it. See

please see sales invoice editable screen.

You have misunderstood how the tax is applied.
VAT is an add on tax (cost to the customer + tax), it is not a deduct off tax as your example wrongly assumes.
Take an item that is 100.00 + 5% VAT (or 1/20th) which equals 105.00.
Now if you start with the tax inclusive amount then you deduct 1/21st > 105 / 21 = 5.00.

This question has been explained umpteen times on the forum.

Everything is working correctly. For sales invoice #1146, you have a total taxable amount of 4250 AED. 5% VAT added on will produce a balance due of 4462.50 AED. That is what your sales invoice register shows. Presuming your other invoices were created the same way, your total sales amount (as shown on your Profit and Loss Statement) of 12500 AED would result in total tax payable of 625. And that is exactly what your Balance Sheet shows. And all this is consistent with your Accounts receivable balance of 13125 AED.

In my first response, I was focused on your written example numbers, because I did not have access to a screen allowing me to read those in your screen shots. Now that I can enlarge them, I can see they are consistent with the Edit screen you showed for the invoice.

Everything is working as it should.

Total Sales 5% have to submit as the vat return if there is no purchase is entered and tax reversed.
all invoices created the same way my excel sheet shows the the Tax amount is 656.25. 00.
all invoices created in the same way.

Manager shows wrong tax due amount. even Tax Report it shows the same wrong amount.

How is the Total Sales Amount will become AED. 12,500.00
Total Sales Invoice Amount is AED. 13125.00. Why it shows inP&L Under Income column Sales: 12,500.00 ?

I think this software cannot rely on Tax return submission just can use it for Generate quotes and Sales Invoices for Reference purpose.

With out entering any purchases it shows wrong data.

Hope There is a solution for it or simply skip and continue to search reliable other application.


There is no mis understanding i know AED. 100.00 5% Tax is AED. AED. 5.00 Inclusive of Tax Is 105.00 and
tax returned Amount Is AED. 5.00.

If the Total Sales Is AED. 13,125.00 and its 5% is 656.25 not 625.00
Payable Tax is AED. 656.25 not 625.00

Total Invoiced Amount is AED. 13125.00 not AED. 12,500.00

Thanks & Regards

@Inspirearts, I do not know what to say. The program works correctly. You seem to confuse sales amount with invoiced amount. The first is without tax. The second is with tax. If there was really a problem with this, thousands and thousands of users around the world would be complaining every day. Instead, we occasionally get a question from a user who does not understand how tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive pricing affect tax accounting.

There are hundreds of users from your country and other GCC countries using Manager since implementation of the GCC VAT framework. None of them think the calculations are wrong. And I would point out that an Excel spreadsheet is not a reliable source of accounting information.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I understood . your software shows Sales amount inclusive of VAT. Sale is 12,500.00 625 is Vat
Total AED. 13,500.00
It was confusing me. you have to update the summary interface like this so it will more understandable just a suggestion only.

If there any possibility to use pre printed invoice for Sales invoice printing. because we need to use arabic texts in Sales Invoice can we adjust the fields in the Sales invoice as per our Pre Printed Invoice?.

No, it does not.

Change your language preference to Arabic. See

Th answer is not a satisfying one . it changes the whole software to Arabic language. we looking customized english and arabic invoice templates. which one can edit the existing fields or add new fields on the desired position to Place on the exact pre printed invoice upon printing.

changing language to arabic only can use who people familiar their native language is arabic.

Your other choice is to develop multiple custom themes. These will necessarily be very elaborate, because you will need to use substitution filtering for every field label that appears on every single transaction form. There are many of those. The methods are beyond the scope of this forum.

what is the solution to solve this issue. we need to have our Invoice format same as it is we are using.

Hire a programmer that knows Liquid

Liquid Programmer. ( Liquid)

So Who purchase this software need a programmer too.

You don’t need a programmer to use any feature of the program. You only need a programmer if you want to add features to your forms the program does not include.

I hope you did not purchase a license for a server edition or a subscription for the cloud edition before trying them. You can try them for free.

i am installed desktop edition to make sure it is satisfactory to our business. honestly. very difficult specially entering receipts and payments

instead of paying and waiting money just make sure it is good and meets our requirements and user friendly too.

I don’t see why you are so polemic. The software, desktop edition, is free. The server edition is cheap and user/business unlimited. Nobody is asking you money. Instead @tut was suggesting to try and buy only if you are really shure that Manager meets your needs.

I personally find the user interface the easiest around and I was able to create custom themes and other personalization (custom fields and so on).

That said there are many software out there… if Manager is not for you, keep searching.

who told you me complained asking money etc…
there is no possibility on manager to make customers and their own specific customer invoice theme.


You can do both. Read these Guides: