Tax computation is not correct (for Kingdom saudi arabia)

I was using the Manager desktop edition and when I checked Tax Transaction report it is not showing the correct tax amount. Say for example:
TOTAL SALE : 24.77,
TAX ON SALE : 1.18 (AT 5% RATE) IT SHOULD BE 1.2385
thus all tax computation is wrong. Kindly check.

You have chosen, explicitly or by default, to use the tax-inclusive price option on your invoice.

So the price of 24.77 includes the tax ie the tax exclusive price is 23.59 + tax @ 5% or 1.18 for a total price of 24.77

Manager calculates the taxes correctly - if not there would be thousands of disgruntled customers!

Read the guide on Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices

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I have paid my purchase invoices in full but today started showing it as unpaid

Please do not divert topics with unrelated question. This question has nothing to do with tax computations. Start a new topic.