Tax payable opening balance

When trying to reconcile my tax account I have found that there is a discrepancy caused by an opening balance in the tax payable account that I cannot remove nor do I know how it got there. Previously with the desktop version this was not there but now I am on the cloud version there is an opening balance of £100. How do I remove it?

This could be due to the change in how opening balance invoices are handled.

You should examine your opening balance invoices and see if any of them has a tax code applied.

Thanks Ealfardan.
Where would I start looking for that?
I did not have any opening balance invoices that I remember.

If your starting date is known to you, you can create a new balance sheet report as of that date. That would be a good place to start from.

Thanks. I’ll look into it

hey @mpb it seems we’ve run into a similar problem. did you manage to resolve this?

I was caused by an opening balance error that I resolved using a journal entry.