Invoice paid by beginning balance


i have a couple of invoices which are paid by beginning balance as shown on attachment. how can it be?


This occurred because you entered a starting balance for the customer under the Settings tab. When you created the sales invoice, the customer’s credit balance was automatically applied. Maybe you entered the starting balance incorrectly. See and

Or maybe you intended to enter a credit limit but entered a starting balance by mistake. See

i have examined the beginning balance and the customer’s credit limit. The customer doesn’t have a credit limit and the beginning balance has been entered correctly by all outstanding invoices. i still cannot find what cause this.

anyway, i think that the system should not close any invoices automatically, because it will reduce control. It may suggest, but operator should be the one who decides whether to apply that suggested transaction.

I knew that. I was suggesting that you possibly intended to enter a credit limit but entered a starting balance (unrelated to a sales invoice) instead.

Go to the Sales Invoices tab. Click on the balance for an invoice involved. You will see every transaction that contributes to the balance. The list will clearly show where the money came from that was applied to the invoice.

The program will only do this if you post a transaction to Accounts receivable and the customer’s sub account, but do not designate which invoice to apply it to.