Tax on Purchase

please guide how to enter tax as in our country we have to pay tax on purchases on port in local currecny and have to pay supplier in USD .
please assist

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Hi @muqeetpuri,

  1. you need to define USD under Foreign Currencies following this guide: Define foreign currencies | Manager

  2. You need to set your Exchange Rates by going to Settings > Currencies > Exchange Rates.

  3. Create your Supplier and set their currency to USD.

Now you can issue Purchase Invoices in USD for that particular supplier and Manager will then do all necessary to calculate your taxes in local currencies.

Please guide about how to enter taxes paid at import stage in purchase invoice or do we have to perform tax payment in any other procedure/step?

You should first setup your Localization or in case your country has no localization, manually setup your Tax Codes. You can refer to the following guides:

Also, it seems like you’re a first time user.

It’s recommended that you start by taking a look into the guides.

Things will make a lot more sense then.

You can also create a test business and learn things practically – which is a much faster way of learning to use manager. See the following guides:

Then if you get stuck at a particular task, the forum will be the place to ask those questions.