Purchase invoice in foreign currency paid from USD bank account

I cannot find a way to specify currencies for Purchase Invoices. I have a bill in one currency that I’m looking to add to Manager but the bank account is in another currency. This messes up the calculation pretty severely.

Also, Why doesn’t tax get totaled on it’s own line before the Grand total in purchase invoices? It shows things like VAT in the Purchase Order but when converted to an invoice, it doesn’t show it on its own line.

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If purchase invoice and bank account you’ve used to pay for the invoice are of different currencies, Manager will use in-built exchange rate to do the conversion which means there will be almost always underpayment or overpayment on purchase invoice.

Custom exchange rates can be supplied under Settings tab but what you really want here is ability to specify custom exchange rate on transaction level so bank account is reduced by correct amount and purchase invoice balance is reduced by correct amount too (even if both amounts are of different currencies).

I’m planning to resolve this problem by end of this week and give ability to override exchange rates on transaction level.



Not sure what you mean by second issue, can you show some screenshots?

Great news about the ability to specify custom exchange rate on transaction level. We now have a significant number of invoices with a £0.01 discrepancy that can not be journaled out.
Will we be able to go back and retrospectively update existing invoices to the new system? Will that require matching adjustments to the “Currency gains (losses)” account?

Has this been implemented? I cannot see any support for this in the current version.

It has been almost implemented so far. Basically since August I’ve added ability to see exchange rate that has been used on general ledger level. I’ve added support to override exchange rate on transactional level in the back-end. The last step is to make exchange rate in general ledger clickable so it can be overridden. Definitely going to complete this something time month.

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Any progress on this?

This has been implemented long time ago. You can easily pay supplier in foreign currency now.