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We are trying to set up our sales taxes in multiple different regions. If we apply the built in tax code for our VAT region, it doesn’t appear in the GST Export part of the BAS preparation report. We can’t use multiple tax codes for a single transaction, which means we can’t use the GST Export tax code. We can set up our own custom tax codes, but then there seems to be no way to design our own reports based on this tax code - in a similar vein to the BAS preparation report. Is there a preferred way to do this using the software? Is there a way to alter the built-in report formats?

You don’t specify. What is your “region?” Built-in codes are for countries. Your profile lists you as being from Australia. Are you using only Australian tax codes? In particular, are you using the GST Free Exports code?

Also, understand that because the BAS worksheet is an Australia-specific report, it works only with built-in Australian tax codes. It will not pick up any custom codes, because the program doesn’t know in advance what you might create.

Yes you can. Tax codes apply line item by line item. Any given transaction (such as a sales invoice) can have as many tax codes as there are line items.

In the way you mean this question, no. Report modification consists of (on some reports) changing dates/periods, adding comparative columns, selecting accounting basis, giving informative titles, etc. You can do only what you see on a report’s Edit screen.

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Thanks Tut!

Yes, we are in Australia, but we also export and have a sales tax nexus in the EU. This means that we need to mark a single item within a transaction as both a GST Free Export, and as a VAT taxable sale - this is the thing we can’t seem to do. Is there a workaround for this?

You can create a custom tax code that identifies transactions that are both GST Free Exports and VAT taxable sales. Another custom tax code can be used for the GST Free Exports that are not VAT taxable sales. You would need figures from both tax codes and ignore the VAT amounts included to ascertain the GST Free Export sales for your Australian BAS and use the combined tax code to report VAT.

Thanks Tony. What is the correct way to access the figures from the custom tax codes? At the moment we can only see them in the tax audit report. Is there any way to get this into the BAS and VAT reports automatically?

You should extract the totals from the Tax Summary instead of the Tax Audit Report to enter them manually into the BAS & VAT reports.