GST Free Sales not appearing in BAS Sheet

Thanks for a great program. I am now recommending it to my new clients.

I am working with a new client who has 8 months of data that I need to audit and edit so that the correct amounts are being recorded. It appears that her GST free sales are not appearing in the BAS calculation sheet. Any insights as to why this may be?

I see the section on where the Tax codes are, how do you tell it to link the code to a certain field on the BAS Calculation sheet? Also can I suggest another 2 tax codes for Australia that are pretty important - CAP for Capital Purchases and GNR for GST not registered.

With other programs (MYOB specifically) I can click a button on the BAS calculation sheet to see the set up and where the amounts are coming from. Is there a way of doing this?

Appreciate the help.

Manager contains many in-built tax codes. For Australia, there are 6 different tax codes you can add to Manager and all are linked with BAS.

For example, to make GST Free Sales appear on BAS, you need to add in-built tax code called Australia - GST Free, then use it when making GST free sales.

As per capital and non-capital purchases, Manager doesn’t need two different tax codes for that. If you use GST code with P&L account, it will show on BAS as non-capital purchase. If GST code is used with balance sheet account, the amount will be shown under capital purchases on BAS.