Tax inclusive Tick Box

Is there a way to add a tick to the Tax Inclusive tick box under Bank Accounts for all the transactions (whole year)?

Under an older version of manager (from 2017) I was using when doing reconciliation in Bank Accounts, there was no “Tax inclusive” button there to tick just the GST drop box. Since doing the upgrade to the latest version, my 'Bank Accounts" are out of wack because of the doubly added GST.

Use Batch Update.

Hi Tut,
I read over the notes for Batch Update. After pplaying around for a bit, I could not work it out. It seemed to be for more data in general but not for adding a tick to a box, am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong. It is for every field or variable in the transaction form for the type of transaction you are updating. There is not a box to tick; there is a field to fill in under a column heading. In the case of tax-inclusiveness, the variable is AmountsIncludeTax, which requires a TRUE or FALSE entry.