Tax inclusive/Tax exclusive changing it

Ok one of my clients has in xero put all her sales(thats just what I have started with) from the bank as Tax exclusive. so I import her transactions list and import it in to manager and obliviously her sales are over stated as its put tax ontop of tax. so my question is there an easyer way for me to change all of the sales in manager to now be tax inclusive or do I have to go through 100s of individual one to change. It makes me so cross when people get xero and myob and have no idea what they are doing

You can do Batch update.


Just do backup before using batch update because it’s not as user friendly yet and you can end up with wrong result the first time.

thanks I did a batch delete and then got their bank statement and imported that which is what I usually do but she was sooo sure she had done xero right.!!! I trained 6 years to become an accountant I just dont understand why some people who really have no idea insist that they know it ha ha