What would be good is if we can make amounts for expenses

GST inclusive or exclusive.

They keep giving me exclusive and I have to go through on excel and work it out to inclusive so I can take the GST off. For the tax report. by the way it is done in journals as client gives me the expenses all written down.

Have just read a few posts on this topic and. You don’t seem to think it necessary. so will continue with excel its just double handling

If you are recording purchase invoices, you can enter them with amounts that are GST-exclusive.

If you are recording straight bank/cash transactions under Bank Accounts tab or Cash Accounts tab, then you pretty much know how much you paid to supplier (since you spent real money) so why do you need Excel to work it out?

Because My client gives me a list of expenses and I find it easier to go thru and do the a journal for each type of expense under the one narration and date. But they always give me GST exclusive and I need the system to take the GST away so I can match managers report with what they have done. If I put the inclusive amount in I can not have no tax cause it wont show up in the report. so I have to work out what the amounts are in excel and then put them in. I find journals easier because it is the one screen and I can follow it through with the expenses and income it gives you a running total.