Tax-inclusive bug on sales quotes and sales orders

I have an issue which I haven’t seen before on both quotations and sales orders. The document itself is correct but the accounting side is wrong.

Example - I quote a product for £100 and add standard VAT @ 20%. Total quotation is £120.00.

When I look into the column in Sales Quotations, it shows my amount is £83.33.

Any ideas?

You have probably checked the Tax Inclusive Price option

Hi Joe, thanks for the reply.

It was the first thing I thought about when seeing it but I definitely haven’t checked the box.

This has recently changed as I have never noticed this problem before and all old sales quotes and sales orders are showing this same thing too.

I can reproduce this bug on version 20.5.7. It occurs without the tax-inclusive checkbox being ticked. I have moved the topic to the bugs category and edited the title to better reflect the problem.

Thanks. Fixed iin the latest version (20.5.8)

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Thank you.