Tax Code custom field needed


In Xero there is a very good little setting useful when you have a long tax code in your invoice.

Let’s say you have a tax code like “V.A.T 0%(Moss)(Box1)” which helps you remember in which box of your vat return you need to put this amount. The problem is that you do not want to show this in your invoice, it is only for private view, in your admin invoice view, on the customer invoice you only want to see the V.A.T amount as “0%”.
In Xero you can actually add your own custom field in the tax code and hide this in the custom invoice(but you still see it in your admin invoice view).

3 fields:
[Private view] <—only admins see this
[Customer view] <—customer and admin see this
[Tax amount] <—customer and admin see this

Will you ever think about implementing something like this please?It is really cool…



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That makes sense. There are some in-built tax codes in Manager which could also benefit from this feature. For example, GST Free Exports tax code could be shown to customer as GST 0%


Yes, very important feature to implement, hoping the developers will check this thread because what the admin sees and what the customer sees should be a little different on the invoice and receipt sides of things. I will only stop using Xero if this feature is implemented, otherwise I won’t be able to move my data as I am filling the MOSS, recap statements so each of my taxes also have a V.A.T box number associated with them to help me input the V.A.T in my return in a more efficient way. Using this software as it is, all my Boxes are showing on the customer side which looks weird.

Any news on the custom fields anyone please?