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I have seen this thread here, it is nice but there is something missing:

In software like Xero there is an extra custom tax field which the admin can see but does not show up on the invoice.
This is fantastic because for all the European taxes(which is nightmare) you may end up with a long custom name ie:(MOSS Fr Tax 21%) which is only for generating reports for the admin(so he can trace the countries where the V.A.T come from which is a requirement in EU)

Imagine that at the moment in my Xero I need to trace:

-All the sales B2C and their European country
-All the Sales B2B and their country

I have a lot of tax codes which I just cannot input in your software as I do not want the customer to see them on the invoice.

Do you have a solution for this please?

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Please do not double-post your questions. That does not gain them any more attention.


Are the makers of this software actually looking at our threads?
I did not get any reply to the initial question.

I am worried to spend money into this and find out there is no support nor updates improving the script as I can see nothing has been released for months.

I just need to know if I renew my xero for 1 year or move to your premium version, either way I will still need a support person that is able to tell me if this feature will be added or not. If not I stay with Xero, if yes I wait a bit and put my money into your solution. If no answers then I stick to Xero.

Thank you.

Yes, but you only posted it 10 hours ago on a weekend.

Not true. Release notes are posted only for major feature additions. Manager is updated faster than any other software you have ever used, sometimes multiple times per day. Just because you don’t get a personal response doesn’t mean nobody saw your two posts on the same subject. You are the first person who has ever requested the feature you asked for, so it isn’t likely to rise to the top of any list.[quote=“benoit, post:3, topic:9019”]
I will still need a support person that is able to tell me if this feature will be added or not.

I promise you that no accounting software on the planet is more responsive to user needs. But no one gets custom development.

ok thank you for the reply. There was another user on the thread asking for it I am not the only one and I am sure many people in EU will ask for it.
I did not post 10 hours ago, my first question was months ago, that’s why I was asking again as I thought my question had been lost in your forum…
And I double posted because the first reply did not get a reply apart from another user requesting the same custom field. Hope you understand now.

I will have to carry on with the old software, this feature is too important as my customers will see my tax codes which I do not want in certain case(this is no custom work just for me as it is part of Xero and used a lot by thousands) as some might be too long and annoying to red on the invoice, it will just look messy.
Also tonight I have noticed another super important feature that is missing, and that is real-real time currency update.
I do not do the accounts daily, therefore setting the currency value each time I pass a transaction in a different currency will be wrong as the gov is asking the rate value on the day the transaction is processed. While trying your software I could only set a value with no given date, then if the rate dropped or increased within that month, we have to change it manually which is way way too complicated unfortunately.

Will check your sotware every 3 months to see if things start matching the software I am using, if yes then I will make the swap but at the moment these 2 features are what makes the sale.


The first post in this topic was 10 hours ago.

That isn’t true. The only reply to your other post was from the developer, just one day after you originally posted it.

Also, the labels that appear on invoices are short for all in-built tax codes. So far as I know, all necessary EU codes are in that group. What do you use that isn’t?[quote=“benoit, post:5, topic:9019”]
Will check your sotware every 3 months

It’s not my software. I’m a forum moderator, not the developer.

  1. I think this forum needs 2 little things to help us understanding more who is who.
    a)Next to your name something like "Forum Moderator"
    b)Next to a dev name “Manager.io Developer”

So as users, we know right away(without having to click on everyone’s pictures, who is who. As I had no clue you were a moderator nor the person who replied to me was a Dev.

3)Regarding the tax codes.
Let’s say you have downloads B2C that require a MOSS statement but at the same time the earnings from that specific MOSS sales must go into BOX1 and 4 and 16 of your V.A.T return, then in the Xero custom tax code you can simply write:

The above custom tax name is then recorded in the back end but not in the invoice.
When you run your tax report you then see:

You simply take the amount and add it to your V.A.T return super easely. Because there is not a single accounting software that can really work out all the different V.A.T returns logic, by having this simple add on, you can generate your own custom tax report.

Also as a small business you may not always want to have codes like “T1, T2, T3” and may prefer “Sales outside EU B2C-BOX2-5-18”, “Local Purchase 18%” and wording like this that makes it easier for people who only use an accounting software once per month. Now imagine if this shows in the invoice…it will look weird

This is why this feature is so brilliant and help people who have different V.A.T returns BOXES to generate their own custom reports.

I know it is not just adding a single field as I am a dev myself and it may require a lot more code bt it is important that your dev think about this feature because these little things really make other softwares super easy to use

That’s what the shield symbol means.

Yes for sure not right for the users, especially when you work on a 1920 x 1080 screen, you cannot really see the symbol. Even when you see it, a shield does not tick in your mind as well as a word “Moderator”. This should be showing “Moderator” like in most forums. Anyway it was just a UX idea.

Thank again for the chat and have a nice day ahead.