Bank reconcilliation

We recently upgraded to the current version now all our bank reconciliations are back to zero.
We are also unable to create new ones or when you create they disappear what could be the problem?
Kindly help

What version did you upgrade from?

What do you mean by back to zero?

Show a screen image of the problem

There was a change in the bank reconciliation process some months ago.

There may be a problem with the start date or an opening balance

20.10.60- website version.

i have to do for the four years once again that’s how I start from Zero. From the screen all i put are picking one date only

I do not understand what you mean by “web version”

There are 3 versions - Desktop, Server and Cloud

If you were using the Cloud version, then you are always using the latest version (well, nearly always)
If you are using the Desktop or Server version then the upgrades depend on when you upgrade

Upgrading does not delete your bank reconciliations, unless you upgraded from a very old version perhaps

Ooh sorry , I mean Server Version

Do you know what version you upgraded from?

Also, screen images showing the supposed problem will help to diagnose and offer a solution