Sync between desktop and cloud edition

Is desktop edition is completely free?
If I use cloud edition, do I have to open it through browser?
My internet connection is bad, can I work offline on desktop edition and later sync to cloud when i have stable connection?

Does this software have bill of material, unit of measures, batch payments? Where to check all features available and what’s the difference between desktop, cloud and server edition?

  • Desktop edition is 100% free.
  • Cloud edition is accessed via web-browser. It’s not possible to sync, but you can import backup file from desktop to cloud (or the other way around).
  • Bill of material has to be recorded as journal entry in current version, unit of measures are unsupported but you can enter it into description field on invoice if customer needs to know, not sure what you mean by batch payments.
  • Difference between desktop, cloud, server is only one. Cloud/server editions allow multi-user access while desktop edition does not.

thank u…
can i get report on vendor/customer transactions?
ex: if i take stock from vendor of value 20000 on 15/6/14
and i pay him 8000 on 15/6/14
and 5000 on 18/2/14
and remaining on some other day.

can i get the transaction dates and amount i paid on respective dates?
can i get same kind of report between me and customer?

BTW as far now this is amazing software… u ppl made it simple

Any plans to introduce the desktop-cloud/server sync feature? It is really important for those of us with limited internet/broadband access. If it is not on your radar (I don’t see it on your road map), can I have it custom developed by a 3rd party?

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Any update on this.

there are many restrictions to this.

a single business file when accessed offline by two or more users will have different data at their end.
for example, if a user is designated to enter only sales orders, the sales order will not be updated to the other users. a salesman will not know the realtime inventory stock to make a sale.